Posts from October 2023

Posts from October 2023


We Have What We Have

As soon as we recognize that we are caterpillars living in a world full of caterpillars (if that doesn’t make sense, read the introductory post), we will have a tendency to begin to devise a ranking system for all of the caterpillars.  We see that some may be more colorful, some may be fuzzier, some may climb higher in the trees, and we begin once again to put ourselves down when we don’t measure up to someone else’s progress. Remember…


Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?  Not just that you feel as if you fall short in some area, make a mistake or forget something important, but rather the feeling that you are, in your total and complete being, missing something essential that functional people do have? I’ve had that feeling. I was raised in the church, I was baptized at 10, I know that Jesus loves me and that God is my eternal Father through most…